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What are the alternatives to in-home care?

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The alternative many people choose is to rely upon family, friends and neighbors for assistance.

It is infinitely easier to arrange for chore, homemaker and yard work than it is for personal care or health care services. In most cases, people turn to the help of an agency to arrange and to monitor care-related services.

The availability and willingness of family, friends and neighbors may change over time. The older adult may also change in his or her comfort level in living without care, particularly if a crises is to occur.

If care can be scheduled for specific times of the day and a routine can be established which meets the needs and preferences of an older adult, in-home care serves as a long-term solution to getting needed support.

If a person requires random help throughout the day and evening, home care may not be the best alternative. Making a move to a more social setting with a variety of available caregivers may serve as a preferred solution.

Alternatives to in-home care include:

  • Participation at a local community or senior center
  • Visiting an Adult Day Services program; Adult Day Services
  • Considering a move to an assisted living or adult family home

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