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What is a care or case management agency?

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Typically, professional care or case managers are nurses or trained individuals. They may have an advanced degree such as masters or doctorate degree in gerontology, counseling, or related studies. Some private case or care managers are unlicensed individuals with years of experience helping older adults and their families with various aspects of ensuring the safety and well being of their clients.

Most case and care managers require private pay funds; however some hospital organizations, faith organizations, hospitals, nursing homes and insurance agencies may also offer such services at no additional or at minimal cost.

Your employer may have available complimentary or low cost case and care management as a portion of their employee assistance program (EAP). Also, lower and low income seniors and the disabled may qualify for cost-free assistance from a social worker or nurse by contacting Senior Information and Assistance.

CHOICE Advisory Services is a FREE senior care referral agency.

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