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Does Medicaid/ COPES (state assistance) help pay for in-home care?

Once if a single person or couple meets certain asset and income parameters; and if a person has a personal or medical care need, which can be met in their current living environment, the state may offer funds for in-home care services. A person or couple must require moderate to high levels of assistance with personal care or must be cognitively impaired to qualify for Medicaid / COPES coverage by the state.

In-home care coverage through the COPES/ Medicaid program can be extended by anyone in the community - even a family member within certain constraints. As Medicaid is not intended to provide any type of profit to an agency, most for-profit agencies shy away from offering in-home care under Medicaid. Only a few for profit and several non-profit agencies offer assistance arranging for in-home care which is covered by Medicaid.

Link to Washington State Dept of Soucial & Health Services (Info and Application):

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