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What if we donít qualify for in-home care?

Call CHOICE at 800-361-0138 to discuss senior housing & care options at NO CHARGE

all services at CHOICE are free to consumers

Anyone can choose to pay privately for services. Some families work together to pool their monies to pay for support services.

Two more economically preferred means to receive care would be by making a move to a senior housing or care community or home; or by exploring whether services through an Adult Day Service or Senior Center or Social Program may meet certain needs of a senior.

CHOICE Advisory Services is a FREE senior care referral agency.

We help define the options that will be of greatest interest to you.

call 7 days a week: 800-361-0138 or email us at

Link to information about CHOICE Housing & Care Advisors:

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Call CHOICE at 800-361-0138 for a free,
in-home consultation or guidance by phone or email