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What if I want to file a complaint against a caregiver or an agency?

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In instances where abuse or neglect have occurred, it is best to first make a report of this concern to the Department of Social and health Services by calling the complaint hotline at 800-562-6078; or a written complaint can be faxed to DSHS at 800-562-6078. Residential Care Services responds to your complaint. If a concern is urgent in nature, a call should be made to Adult Protective Services.

Complaints and Advocacy

Many complaints can be resolved by talking with the supervisor, management, or owner of the agency. Complaints regarding the operation of services will not likely be acknowledged by regulatory agencies or by the Ombudsman's Office. Complaints about service quality or lack of attention to details should be made with the supervisor or management of the agency.

If an older adult or their family or friends has concern regarding services or procedures, they are encouraged to place these concerns in writing and send them to the attention of the owner or administration of the in-home care agency. If concerns involve issues more serious in nature, it is wise to also place a phone call to the agency to discuss your concern.

If the caregiver is a licensed person, you may also consider filing an additional complaint with the licensing agency that issues the license of the licensed individual. For instance, complaints against a Registered Nurse may be filed with the Nursing Board.

People who work with frail adults are at risk of not consistently meeting your expectations. Regulatory agencies will not be interested in your complaint about not meeting your expectations. They will only take interest in situations where negligence or abuse have occurred.

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