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What tasks should other family members keep doing and which tasks should we arrange for through in-home care?

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This is a question of personal preference of the older adult as well as their personal care support system. Some older adults are overly concerned with being a burden to their family and friends. This concern can even transfer to become concerned with being a burden to other people.

The only known cures to caring for someone who is not accepting of care are:

  • Be brutally honest. Tell the person this is the way it has to be.
  • Place your concerns in writing to help the person read your concerns in addition to hearing your concerns.
  • Use humor. Independent minded people also tend to be caring and intelligent people. They also tend to appreciate making light of a situation. Sarcasm, humor, or just plain laughter may lead towards acceptance of care.
  • Time. With time, people become accepting of most anything. What was once foreign and unacceptable may become commonplace and "the norm" with diligent, predictable and consistent care.

Many people are not accepting of care because they lack the self-confidence that they are worthy of such attention. If someone is alert and oriented and unwilling to accept care, chances are the person is depressed and feeling unworthy of such attention. Geriatric specialists, ARNP's, nurses, therapists, and mental health professionals are trained in ways to be of support to people who are unwilling to accept care.

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