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How do I arrange to get medical equipment and medical supplies for my parent?

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Equipment that is ordered by a physician or ARNP may be covered by Medicare, a Medicare supplement or an insurance plan if a doctor's written order is presented to the pharmacy, medical equipment provider, or vendor prior to receiving the equipment or supplies.

Equipment or specialty devices are much more likely to be covered than supplies; however, obtaining prior physician or ARNP written approval may help in obtaining full or partial coverage of a supply.

Medical supply companies likely can give you complimentary guidance in knowing how to manage Medicare or insurance claims. Depending upon your need and the service of the provider, they may offer assistance in obtaining prior insurance coverage before providing you with the equipment or product. Although Internet-based providers may offer discounts or price incentives for purchasing items privately, locally owned and operated providers can offer more specific and accurate information regarding which items, products and alternatives exist for meeting your specific needs.

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